Iced Mocha Coffee on the fly

Yes, need is a strong word but totally fitting. Sometimes I do actually need a coffee to make it through the long Sunday afternoons. We have two church services and then an hour drive home. From that point, its cleaning, laundry and prepping school for the week until dinner time, which involves cooking, more cleaning then baths and beds. You know the drill!

As I headed home today  the normal drive thru spot was all out. I thought I’d settle for some caffeine from a Coke but that machine was broken too. So, stocked pantry to the rescue for some close enough coffee goodness.

Mix the ingredients together while the coffee is warm so it incorporates well and then pour over ice with either cream or milk at about half mix and half cream ratio. Top with some chocolate syrup and whip cream if you’ve got it and want to feel a bit fancy.

Play with this recipe to make it a little sweeter, more bitter, more milky etc. These are the basics to adjust as you like! These measurements are totally round about. I just threw stuff together so if you measure it exactly, let me know how yours turned out! 😄

1. Brew 5-6 cups of coffee in you coffee maker (or even heat up what you didn’t have time to drink in the morning.)

2. In a quart Mason jar or bowl add the cocoa powder, sugar, salt and vanilla.

3. Pour the hot coffee into the jar and whisk until dry ingredients dissolve.

4. Fill a cup or mug with ice and then halfway with milk or cream. Add an equal part of your mocha coffee mix and stir.

5. Enjoy. Knock out your to-do’s. Go you.

Published by Anna Marcella

Wife, mom, teacher, creator.

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