United Body of Christ

We had a beautifully busy week. We partnered to help a neighboring church supply school supplies and back packs to around 120 kids. They provided free haircuts, games, food and an environment to simply love on our neighbors. Members from various local churches, friends and family came together to serve people in their community. It wasn’t about who did what, it was about getting it done and alleviating a burden.

As a lifelong homeschooler, I was shocked when I saw the school supply list for the local public schools. Mom’s and Dad’s are shoveling out quite a bit, especially when they have more than one child!

School supply packing party!

I’m seeing more and more the unifying atmosphere that the Lord wants among His people. Churches becoming more about His Kingdom than their personal kingdoms. People serving because there is a need and not just because it’s more blessed to give than receive. Hearts open and surrendered to whatever work the Lord has for them regardless of whose name is on the sign. That is good and pleasant indeed!!

This is something that very much pleases our Father. His children working together in unity, to share His love with those around them, in whatever area they are placed in. Whether it be through a smile, kind word, prayer, hug, or backpack. “Whoever gives even a cup of water to one of these little ones will not lose his reward.” He cares about the little things. We should too.

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