God Reigns, Not Me.

We’ve been going through a lovely drought at my home. Every glimpse of rain has hit about half a mile a way. Our grass is dying and the garden needs some of heavens mist. Plants react differently to rain than a water hose. It’s obvious the hand of God has touched them with a bit of delight after a good shower. As I was watering the near dead grass a few weeks ago I was a little bit irritated with God.

Internal DIalogue:

Me; “Lord I know you know we need rain but just incase you forgot…we need rain!”

God: ….

Me: “What exactly did I do to You that’s making me miss out on blessings, huh? Did you forget? Take a nap? You do realize all your critters out here could use some rain too right? The hummingbirds are at the feeder multiple times a day and the cardinals are obviously relieved when there is a little water puddle left for them from watering plants.


Me: “God I just don’t get it. You’re not making any sense. The clouds roll in but still…no rain. It’s pretty depressing.”

God: “You do your job and I’ll do mine.”

Me: “chuckles”….silently waters grass and refills hummingbird feeder.

God didn’t send rain. He has given us a running well that I can use to tend to the immediate needs I see around me. What am I supposed to do when I see a need? Meet it the best way I can and trust Him with the rest.

What am I supposed to do when God isn’t answering my prayer just yet? Press on. Pray more. Not just praying on a personal whim but asking for His heart.

Work with what He’s given me. If He is showing me a need then He has likely equipped me to meet it.

Trust that He is on the throne and fully aware of all things. Much more so than I am. He sees the full picture and I just barely perceive a shadow.

Believe in His never ending goodness and faithfulness. He’s never left me on my own and it would be foolish to expect Him to now.

Even though His whisper wasn’t a downpour at my request, His whisper changed me. That’s what the voice of God does. It changes you. He reminded me that I’m not in control of the cosmos and stirred up sincere reverence for Him that my whininess had allowed me to step outside of.

He showed me that He heard me. The Maker and Tender of all the things hears me. It doesn’t matter if I get my way, the fact that He hears me is enough.

He pricked my heart to be about His business. If I can’t fill a bird bath how can I dream to work in His kingdom?

In every season, dry or other, God is working to develop the character of Christ in us. All we need is a word from Him to live a flourishing life and survive any drought. Real or spiritual.

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

P.S. As I’m finally pushing publish on this post, I’m enjoying the most beautiful thunderstorm. Thank you, Jesus!

Published by Anna Marcella

Wife, mom, teacher, creator.

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