Where Gratitude Grows

I haven’t written poetry in a VERY long time. Since I was a teen possibly. Until this week, that is. Hope you enjoy this one from today!

There once was a man, who for reasons unknown
Traversed a steep canyon each day on his own

The flames of desire burned bright and hot
The whisper of failure, “You won’t reach the top.” 

The angst and the worry of so far to go
Kept silent rejoice of the treasures below

Blinded by lights and the flashes ahead
Overshadowed all peace and rest for his head

Under great pressure – show no sign of pain
His motto was “onward, there’s more ground to gain!”

Uncertain, perhaps the heat or regret
That kept him from seeing the waste up ahead

The ground would be taken no matter the cost
Yet nothing prepared him how much would be lost

Certain that greater would lay up ahead 
So rich and so pleasant with nothing to dread

At last, he shook fist, shouting of woe
All of the heavens heard grumble below

“Why am I forgotten? Why am I so grave? 
Why can’t you make good on the promise you gave?

I’ve toiled and fought each day climbing high 
without one single spot of your goodness in sight!”

Had he but once chosen to bow down his head
Look ‘neath his feet and not up ahead

What beauty he stood right upon as he shouted
Tiny and tender and just barely sprouted

It fought hard each day, pushed aside rocks and tares
But soon it would whither without any care.

It cringed at the shouting and prayed he’d look down.
There where he stood was upon fertile ground

For every steep wall that he scaled on his climb
He’d left lushest valleys intended to find

The tiniest sprigs still lay ahead there
Waiting to flourish, just needing some care

The sparse and scorched land upon which he fumes
Will be quite precisely where all his dreams bloom

The trouble will be, as many have found
To take those few moments and notice the ground.

Published by Anna Marcella

Wife, mom, teacher, creator.

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